Used Dodge – A Family Roadtrip

A few years ago my parents decided that they would gather up myself and my two sisters, and take a road trip through Europe. Usually we end up on generic package holidays whenever they plan a holiday – and generally this is the case even if they have had the idea for something completely wacky and exciting! However, this time they were really passionate about what they wanted to do, and so they booked the time off work and planned the route.

We only had two weeks to go away in, so our roadtrip wasn’t going to be a huge and epic travel around every European country. Instead, my parents decided to take us across France, into Spain, and then to Portugal. We got the ferry over to Calais about back from Portugal, and the resulting route was practical, achievable, and above all intended to be fun. The idea was to pack up all we might need and spend a few days in each of our key locations, whilst also getting in lots of time on the road and plenty of unplanned stops and explorations.

Of course, to do a trip like this required more than planning – it needed a form of transport too. Our tiny and compact little hatchback simply wouldn’t do – if you have three daughters you will probably know why. To fit the whole family, luggage and bikes in securely was a bit of a challenge for even the biggest cars, so my parents had to come up with an alternative plan. Although they did consider upgrading to a bigger car permanently, they eventually decided to borrow a friend’s used Dodge Journey. The main reason was that this car is big. It has boot space, a luggage container on the roof, and a bike rack on the door of the boot. On top of the practical storage bits and pieces it also had 7 seats, meaning that me and the siblings wouldn’t all have to be crammed, tetchily, into one very small space.

What we actually did when we went on the trip was turn around one of the rows of seats. This is my favourite feature of the Dodge Journey, as it allowed us to chat to each other whilst facing each other – and the centre table was the perfect space for games of cards and for my sisters to draw on – which made the long drives pass by much faster indeed! I think that this probably prevented a big number of fights and battles between us kids, and I am sure that my parents were incredibly grateful for this – as this was one of the main things they were worried about when planning this family roadtrip.

In the end, ensconced in our spacious car launch x431 v plus, the trip was a resounding success. The sights were gorgeous, the cities divine, and the freedom to explore whatever we wanted was really refreshing Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS. Whilst the planning was difficult, I think that the end result was easily good enough to make the holiday worthwhile!

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Dodge cars
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