Used Bentley – The Continental Range

Bentley is a hugely popular car brand who specialise in extraordinarily luxurious cars where the personal touch is prided above everything else. These cars are painstakingly put together by hand – every piece of leather is hand stitched, the colour is personally chosen, the specification is built to conform entirely to your every whim. As these cars cost into the hundreds of thousands of pounds launch x431 pro plus, you get to choose every tiny touch – to the extent that many people have built in mahogany desks away from home and other such remarkable luxuries!

Of all their cars, there is a current favourite. Don’t get me wrong – used Bentley dealerships stock some extraordinary cars, and many of them are exquisite and expensive classics. If you want a reasonably modern one, however, then there is one particular model that people love at the moment – the Continental. The Continental range is extensive in comparison to the other basic Bentley models, which usually feature one of two engines and which you then personalise from there. The Continental range however covers 9 different models, breeds if you will, including the iconic Supersports and the regally named Flying Spur.

If you want a traditional Bentley, the Continental GT is the choice for you, clad as it is in a smooth and vintage styled exterior. This is the type of car that only looks right in strange shades of gold, or in delightful muted tones of grey. Where most car brands produce colours where the difference is minimal, Bentley colours are, like the cars, entirely individual. Never before would you have known how remarkable the different between white and off-white actually was. The upgrade to this model is the Speed version, which pretty much does what it says on the tin. This car can actually top 200mph – an absurd level of speed. Of course you are unlikely to ever go to that speed – but the whole point with a Bentley is knowing that if the situation arises, you car could rise to the occasion!

The GTC Continental gets a little more luxurious, soft top and fancy all the way with it. Whilst these won’t top the speeds of some of the other editions, most people dream of owning and driving a really classy convertible at some point in their lives autointhebox discount code. Of course if you want to be driven and recline in the back, you will have more apace in a saloon version – even though the GTC fits 4 people very comfortably indeed.

The fanciest versions of the Bentley Continental are the Supersports, the fastest and most powerful car that Bentley produces, and the Flying Spur. My personal favourite for drive alone is definitely the Supersports, which careens along whilst looking every inch the feisty lady it is, albeit in a more modern get up than normal. The Flying Spur, alternatively, is for those who want to experience a beautiful drive but whilst getting the ultimate in luxury too. The two meet beautifully in this spacious tourer model.

Lauren Cooke is a writer and a car enthusiast. She currently writes for the automotive industry. Here she discusses Used Bentley cars.
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