Turn Water Into Gasoline

The cost of oil has been at an all-time high. It seems that no matter what we do, the cost of gasoline will never go below $2 a barrel. We as a people, at one time, very upset at the price and demanded the oil companies be punished. Now, in 2009 with prices going from $3 to $4 a gallon, all seem silent. Have we grown accustomed to high prices? Do we think no one will hear us? Or, we just don’t care anymore?

Well, about a year ago, I began searching “how to save gas”. As I was searching I stumbled across a whole world of information on converting water into gasoline. So, knowing me, I took the liberty to search more on this subject. I discovered “Brown Gas” or “Rhodes’ Gas” (HHO) hand its power to power autos with hho such as: cars, trucks Autel Diaglink, vans, SUVs, planes, boats, etc., even disel mack trucks.

In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, one would make a hydrolyzer (device in which electricity separates hydrogen from oxygen). As the hydrogen and oxygen separates it forms what we call ‘Brown Gas” which when ignited is 3 times more combustible than gas. Which means if you car for your life and your neighborhood don’t try to cook with it. The hho gas powered car uses gas by converting the mechanical power (gasoline) into electrical power (HHO). The HHO sends power to the alternator and KABAMMM!!! Power from water we drink!!!

Now Autel MaxiCOM MK808, before you write me off as a lunatic, there has been cars powered by this as early as 1805 by Swiss inventor Isacc De Rivaz, and as late as now.

However we don’t need fully water powered cars today. As mentioned earlier, there is the hydrolyzer. There are many forms on the market today, but the function is basically the same. There is no changing the engine whatsoever. It’s just a device you connect to the intake, mount, connect wires and off you go.

In my research, this device can save you anywhere from 20% to 80% in gas. When I installed it in my vehicle I saved almost 50%.

These devices are all over the Internet. Hydrolyzers are being sold from a few bucks to thousands of dollars. Be careful, cause a lot of hydrolyzers, glass hho bubblers (which is the container for hho fuel cells) made and being sold on eBay are not made with quality materials (no more than glass jars) and come with no guarantee if broken. However, with a quality hydrolyzer you can reap many benefits such as:

Tax Breaks for going “Green”

Save money at the pump

Sell for extra income

Cleans car engine

Non pollutant

Easy to install

Much More……

Why hho is not popular? I don’t know. But what I do know is that it works.

My Opinion

After researching many hydrolyzers, the best one, in my opinion, and I personally use is Gas4Free. Comes with a one time purchase and everything can be downloaded on the spot with full hho cells plans. If you wanted to make extra income, this would be ideal for the times we live in to have water for gas.

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