Top 5 Cool Cars For 2008

Every year car enthusiasts and those in need of purchasing a new car look to Popular Mechanics for their take on the hot new models and safety factors Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. Today’s shoppers want sleek designs that are fuel efficient and loaded with options. With gas prices over $3 a gallon, fuel economy is on the top of many minds while others want a trip back into their past.

The Chevy Corvette ZR1 is going to be the dream car of many this fall! The 620-horsepower engine will deliver an incredible punch, while the vehicle is crafted from carbon fiber to keep the weight down. This is not a budget car, it will be priced at a hefty $100,000, but to many collectors it is well worth every penny launch x431 v+.

For the second year running, the Chevy Malibu has won the “North American Car of the Year” award. The Malibu is a mid-sized sedan designed and engineered by women. The asking price of $20,000 is reasonable to many and the sleek design and well-designed dashboard is going to make this a crowd pleaser. Acoustic glass blocks out road noise so that the stereo system doesn’t have to be cranked up to absurd levels or passengers have to yell to be heard. The instrument panel covers the necessities including low oil, tire pressure, outside temperature, and more. Finally, electronic stability assists the braking system.

In recent years, Hyundai has built a solid reputation for affordable, reliable vehicles. Their new Genesis takes the roominess of an SUV and puts it in the body of a luxury car. At under $30,000, the Genesis comes with a V6 or V8 engine. Also coming out in the fall, the Genesis is going to be heavy competition for the Lexus. With a ten-year, 100,000 miles power train warranty, it’s destined to be a success.

The Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid promises the power of a V6 engine while getting an impressive 30 miles to the gallon. In the city where speed limits are lower, drivers will be able to switch the vehicles engines to electric power to conserve fuel. On highways, the engine uses gasoline at a reduced rate of consumption. Drivers are going to love that they can have a fuel-efficient SUV with plenty of room. Priced at $25,000 to start, the Saturn Vue Green Line is a great way to save money on both gas and on the price of a new car.

In late 2008, Toyota releases their new car, the Venza. This five passenger car will only be available in the United States and come with a choice of four or six-cylinder engine. Toyota is rumored to be putting a rearview camera in the Venza eliminating any potential dangers in backing up. There will also be automatic high beams, keyless start, and Bluetooth technology. The aerodynamic design is going to impress because the sunroof covers most of the roof, so both front and rear passengers can look up at the stars. Meanwhile, massive amounts of storage space are going to make this car a dream come true for many.

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