Today’s Car Keys Versus Older Car Keys

Replacement car keys are a different ballgame than they were a couple of decades ago. Those who are old enough to remember traditional metal car keys remember going to a hardware store or locksmith and having duplicate keys cut on the key cutting machines. But an entirely different system is used today because most cars on the road have transponder keys.

Transponder keys have to be programmed to fit the specific car, and so today’s car locksmith has to know how to do this. Instead of using a key cutting machine, a Chicago area locksmith uses a computer and special software that puts in the necessary code for a blank transponder key so it will work with the particular car.

It is easy to see how the older, metal keys made cars vulnerable to theft. Transponder keys use a radio frequency transmitter in the key fob to send a signal to the receiver in the car. Both transmitter and receiver are synchronized with a constantly changing random number, so that not just any transmitter can be used to open the car. Because the security code of the transponder keys changes continually, the chances of a different key fob being able to unlock a car it was not made for are only about one in a billion x431 pro mini. This makes today’s locked cars less vulnerable to theft.

Most cars made after 1998 have transponder keys. The transponder chip is designed to disarm the car’s immobilizer when the key is put in the ignition to start the engine. The key not only has to be cut correctly to fit the physical lock, but it has to be programmed correctly to be able to override the immobilizer. The buttons on the key fob that are used to lock and unlock the door remotely use a separate system from the transponder, and these must be reprogrammed when replacement car keys are made.

Many car dealers will tell customers that if they lose their keys they have to get the dealer to make replacement keys, but that is not the case. A Chicago local locksmith trained in programming transponder keys is able to respond to your request for help quickly, replace the keys, and get you rolling again maxisys elite, often at a cost of hundreds of dollars less than what car dealers charge.

While you can get a traditional metal key for your car that will simply unlock the door just like old fashioned car keys, they won’t start your car. They can be useful as a cheap backup should you lock your regular keys inside, or if you just need to get into the car and not drive it. These can be good to have in situations where a transponder key could get wet or damaged. But they won’t do you any good if you want to drive.

Since you don’t want to find yourself without car keys after a night out, it’s always safest to have a spare set of keys made and stored with a trustworthy person. Hiring a Chicago locksmith to make you a set of spares can be a great way to check out a locksmith’s services and prices without the stress and pressure of finding a locksmith in an emergency. Once you do find a locksmith you can trust, program their number into your phone. That way if you do find yourself in a lock-out emergency, you’ll know you’re calling someone who operates professionally, courteously, and honestly.

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