The Test Equipment of Making Gasoline From Biomass

It have been established the test equipment of making gasoline from high yield of biomass since mid-January 2012,which can improve the conversion efficiency of biomass in producing the bio-gasoline. This test equipment is located in the Corporate Headquarters of Primus Green Energy, Hillsborough USA, and they predict that it will be completed in the middle of 2012.

Recently, Primus Green Energy Co.,Ltd announced that it has successfully combining the medium-sized operation of gasification and liquid fuel. This process would transform granule biomass into hydrogenous synthesis gas. As raw material, miscanthus is a bio-energy crops, growning on marginal land, with a high growth rate.

Primus gasifier was been used high-pressure superheated steam to produce the crude synthesis gas of a low tar content. The synthesis gas is been further processed to produce H2: CO ratio of about 2.2 products.In addition, the process allows conversion efficiency up to 33%.This level is close to the theoretical maximum. This process can produce per ton of dry biomass to 110 gallons of gasoline.

After washing stage, wiping off CO2, the synthesis gas went into the synthetic system of catalytic liquid fuel, creating the 93 octane gasoline.The synthesis stage of the fuel is a proprietary variant of the ExxonMobil MTG process.In the Primus a patented variant of process, methanol is not separate from the final hydrogenation step to produce light-duty gasoline. It’s almost free of all four toluene (1,2,4,5 – tetramethyl benzene).

Compared with petroleum-derived gasoline, the fuel from the Primus green energy Co.,Ltd has the higher octane number and aromatic content, which can be used without transformation of the automotive engine.The profitability of Primus bio-gasoline production can be comparable to the range of $ 64 / barrel crude oil prices.

This company has planned that they will construct the bigger commercial scale facilities in Pennsylvania(be completed in the first quarter of 2014), and willmake 444,000 tons / year of biomass converted into 4.8 million gallons / year of gasoline.The synthesis process of Primus fuel can be revised to produce other chemicals, such as alkanes, alkenes and jet fuel.

It seems that biomass technology is quite mature in the United States.As the global climate turns warmer, People attaches importance to their enviornment relative to their working & living more and more. In the light of energy-saving and less-emission requirement from the worldwide environment-protecting conference, one and another innovative new energy product come into being. As an environment-protecting & renewable new energy product, Biomass energy(Pellet fuel) doesn’t only cate for the government’s advocation and request but also are acknowledged and acceptable by the people step by step. We can foresee and firmly believe that, In the near future, Pellet fuel will take place of nonrenewable fossil fuel like briqutte. In order to continuously meet people’s ever-increasing demand on biomass pellet fuel, With the ideal to make contributions to the human beings and repay our country with industry.

Biomass energy technology is be researched constantly in China. The Chinese government support the enterprises to improve the technical level strongly, such as GUANGZHOU PENGFA BIOMASS ENERGY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is a hi-tech enterprise which integrates scientific research, manufacturing and training, international business. They mainly produce and sell full -automatic & semi-automatic biomass pellet plant which includes stalk pelleting﹑wood sawdust pelleting﹑stalk briguette pressing and rice husk/peanut shell/sunflower husk pelleting etc. Their products range from pellets & briquettes pressing machines including flat-die pellet mill﹑ring-die pellet mill﹑and roller pellets press maxisys elite, shreding﹑grinding two series, air flow drier﹑rotary drier two series and their accessories like screeners and conveyors as well. They have passed the strict technical test by the relative government offices and got their approval. They also got good feedback from their clients.

Every one should pay more attention to the research & use of nonrenewable energy ,most importantly , to protecting our environment.

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