The Consumer’s Guide to Windshield Repair Tools

Many a time, a consumer drops off his or her car at an auto glass shop to have a broken windshield repaired. However, what happens behind closed doors remains a secret. Join us as we take you inside the inner workings of a auto glass repair shop and the tools they use to repair your windshield.

Let’s watch the technician get to work on the windshield replacement process. As the technician begins to prep the broken glass for removal, he uses a cutting tool to take off bits of the adhesive bonding the windshield to its frame. This cutting tool can vary from a utility knife to an electronic cutter. After circling the windshield frame with the cutter and taking out the broken windshield, the auto professional removes any excess residue and cleans the “frame.”

The technician now turns his attention to the windshield glass held in a rack. This glass rack tool is a metal contraption with bars covered in foam to protect any windshield glass placed inside, and a handy lock also keeps the auto glass in place. Commonly called a windshield rack, it safely stores and transports windshield glass from its starting point to its destination. Featured in various sizes Launch CReader 8011, a 5-lite windshield rack includes 5 slots for automotive glass, a 9-lite windshield rack will have 9 slots for automotive glass, and so on. Typically, these portable racks will be utilized to store any windshield glass being used x431 pro mini.

The windshield glass is transferred from the rack to another auto glass tool. This windshield stand is a robust and stable auto glass tool for holding automotive glass while a technician is waiting to transfer the glass onto the windshield frame.

Picking up what looks to be a gun, a caulking gun, to be exact, the professional squeezes new urethane into the windshield frame. This strong adhesive will ensure that the windshield rack stays in place and no water leakage comes through. Using the vacuuming force of a suction cup or two, the professional picks up the windshield glass from the stand and transfers it onto the windshield frame. After checking that the windshield is properly fitted in place, the technician waits a few hours for the new windshield to set in its new home. A final check ensues, and if the windshield is suitably fitted, that’s when the consumer receives his or her long-awaited call.

Next time you visit a shop, take a moment to glance around and see the windshield technicians at work. You’ll see these tools in action and instantly recognize them from their descriptions.

Now that we have given a tour of the windshield rack, caulking gun, and various auto glass tools used, you, the consumer, are privy to the inner workings of the windshield glass repair process. Enjoy your new-found knowledge.
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