The 2010 Camaro spa a Car to Love

GM dealerships around North America are buzzing with the unveiling of the new 2010 Camaro. It’s been said, they are selling image and power for a reasonable price. The Chevy Camaro is the last of the re-release of three muscle cars from the sixties and seventies along with the Dodge Challenger and the Ford Mustang. If you are searching for the American dream-apple pie, baseball and muscle cars you will find it in the new Camaro. Just like a rock star, people stop and crowds build as they watch it roll by.

This car is the new interpretation of the 1967 SS. It’s big and brawny with a long hood, short deck and fat fenders. Your mind immediately goes to the thought of what’s under that sexy hood, just like the cute girl on the cheer squad. The windows and big wheels (standard 20 inch on the SS version, and standard 18″ on the LT) are reminiscent of the past, but the new Camaro also has the power to perform. It’s fast, people, really fast. Its quick acceleration is not even close to the original Camaro from 67. The direct-injected 3.6 liter V6 (there is no V8) LS and LT, has 304 horsepower and 273 pounds of torque. It can be purchased with a six speed manual or automatic transmission OBD Tool, either of which is surely more than enough to get this 3,700 pound monster rolling. If you are the kind of person who likes more bells and whistles, the RS package includes high-intensity headlights with halo effect, a rear spoiler and RS tail lights.

With its independent suspension, it’s a great ride on the highways and the back roads.

Holding it’s own on those wacky twisty turns, the rack-and-pinion steering is nicely balanced and will bring a smile back to anyone’s face.

The outer design is retro, but inside it’s all about technology. It boasts standard hands-free Bluetooth phone support and Onstar in the 2LT, and its centre console has a USB port for 9 surround speaker, 245 Watt Boston Acoustics audio system with remote control. It has iPod support which allows you to access both your play lists and GPS from either the dash or steering wheel control. It also has two power outlets in the cab, one at the base of the dash, and the other in the center console. At night the dash and console shine blue with the LED lighting package. It’s a nice, ambient effect that fits right with the look and feel of driving a Camaro. The LT has two tone leather, heated bucket seats up front, with power recline. There is a rear seat but it’s snug, still appropriate for the family vehicle as long as the kids aren’t too big.

The 2010 Camaro trunk is big and high, officially holding 11.3 cubic feet of cargo. If you need more, the back seat folds down allowing for your snowboard and skis to load and fit comfortably.

With the Chevy Camaro’s unmistakable style x431 pro mini, great fuel economy and undisputable performance, GM has a hit on its hands. Having it back on the street has brought automotive design and development to the chatter around the water cooler. People are talking, and then they’ll be buying. in Nanaimo carries used cars, new cars and auto financial and bad credit car loans.
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