Advantage Rent a Car

Advantage Rent a Car opened in 1961 Autel MaxiCOM MK908P, catering the large military population in San Antonio, Texas. Advantage had presence in over 33 countries before 2008, when it filed for bankruptcy protection presumably due to the economic crisis. Hertz car Rental Corporation acquired Advantage on March 2009. Advantage is specialists for renting leisure vehicles with a competitive price. Advantage’s Guaranteed Rate Period scheme is to avoid rate fluctuations for a customer between the booking date and the renting period. Guaranteed Rate Period promises a consistency of rates up to 365 days from the day of booking. If in case the rates come down during this period you can avail the excessive amount by contacting the branch you rented your car.

Advantage Rent a Car include a fleet of vehicles ranging from Economy, Compact, Mid-size, Standard, Premium and Luxury cars along with Minivans and standard SUVs with varying price range. Advantage customer care executives will help you to choose the most suited car for you after analyzing various factors such as fuel efficiency, passenger capacity, and luggage space and rental rates with their years of experience. Emergency Roadside Assistance program is available on 24hours and 365 days. Chauffer driven cars as well as special rates are an Advantage Rent a Car specialty to attract customers. It is wise to book your car in advance to avoid paying a huge sum at the last moment.

You have different insurance options available with Advantage Rent a Car to make sure you had a great time doing business with them. These schemes include Liability Insurance Supplement which cover up to 1,ooo,ooo$ medical expenses, Loss Damage Value which cover the expenses of car and goods in case of an accident and other personal insurance options. Advantage will also provide you a GPS navigation system with a small fee but you need to inform 48 hours in advance for availing this facility. Option of a child seat is available if you are planning to travel with a child meeting with the age requirements for a child seat. Also note that child seats are mandatory in many states of US and you may have to pay a fine if you violate this. If you plan to rent a car somewhere you are not very familiar, Advantage Rent a Car customer care executives can help you to become familiar with the local rules.

After the acquisition by Hertz, you get Hertz Never Lost GPS facility on your rented Advantage car. This will help you to identify exactly the time, location and will tell you how to reach your desired location. Getting lost is an old story with Never Lost GPS system. It also aid you vocally and visually to reach your destination. If in case you miss a turn Never Lost system calculates a new route for you. With thousands of pre stored maps, calculating new routes were never easier.

Advantage Rent a Car is the right choice for you if you are a niche customer planning some leisure trips Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. Now with the technical and customer assistance from Hertz, quality service is assured at any part of the world.

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